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Eczema is one of the most common terms to get tossed around in “sensitive” circles. What is eczema, really, and what
can you do about it? We asked a leading atopic dermatitis expert to break it down.

There are almost no reactions to pure coconut oil in medical literature…casual reports seem to be to contaminants in the processing of less pure oils, not to pure coconut oil.

Skin health begins in the kitchen. You already know junk food is appropriately named but do you know why exactly fats and antioxidants are so important, which fats you should be eating, and why getting antioxidant supplements might be useless?

A surprising amount of skin problems can be attributed to bar soap which, due to how it’s made, has a very high pH which can be denaturing to skin, contributing to barrier damage and dry skin.

DEMYSTIFYING SUNSCREEN Use daily, indoors and outdoors, all year. When outdoors, reapply every 1-2 hours.

“What do I do for dry hair or scalp?”

Dry hair and dry scalp are different conditions.

As the dangers of sun exposure are better known, the use of sunscreen when outdoors has become well accepted. But sun safety does not stop there. To reduce your risk of getting skin cancer, think Prevent, Protect, and Detect.