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Eating virgin coconut oil (VCO) is excellent for your heart and cellular health; applying VCO on the skin helps improve
cellular strength and is an ideal topical product for barrier repair, moisturization and disinfection; absorption of VCO
through the mouth could be another method of getting the benefits of VCO, and faster.

“I’m allergic to coconuts… Can I use products with coconut oil?”   “I’m allergic to cocamide-DEA and/or cocamide-MEA and/or cocamidopropyl-betaine so I can’t use any products with coconuts, right?” It is a common misconception that because of the “coca” in the name, a sensitivity to these allergens is a sensitivity to coconut, coconut oil and coconut derivatives.Pure coconut and […]

Damaged HairMy hair got so dry this summer. Any hair repair tips? A great quick fix: Apply Know-It-Oil liberally to hair and scalp — the fatty acids of virgin coconut oil are natural to cell walls. Pour or scoop out the oil and massage over wet hair and scalp. Comb through with a wide-toothed comb. Top […]

Probably. Why? Essential oils refer to the oil extracted from a plant’s leaves, roots, flowers, etc. “Essential” refers to the extraction of the essence of these, which are made of nice-smelling terpenoid materials such as mentha oil, menthol crystals, dementholised peppermint oil, natural mint terpenes oil, cis-3 hexenol, menthones, basil oil, piperita oil, spearmint oil, […]

Spa Tip: Don’t Sp-Oil It! Virgin Coconut Oil as a skin-safer MASSAGE OIL Ever regret a moment of bliss? Before you flash back to that ill-advised jäger night, we’re talking about spa oils. Some sublime-smelling ones (lavender, ylang-ylang, tea tree) can leave you with a rash. Heavier oils can break you out something awful. Bring your […]

How To Keep Skin “Oil” Aglow This Winter. Sleighbells Ring, Are You Glistening? For many of us, the advent of winter is heralded not by a specific date or temperature but by the desiccation of our skins. For some of us, dryness can get so bad that our skins shrivel, flake, and crack; we feel “pulled”, […]