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Skin Type Quiz
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Knowing your Skin Type is fundamental for understanding your skin and choosing products that suit you best. You will use this information most regularly as you shop. When browsing, pay special attention to the Skin Type/s specified by each product's description.
Matte. Dry or Flaky.
Visible or Excessive Shine.
Shiny in Hot, Humid Weather. Matte in Dry, Cold Weather.
Matte. Can feel taut or stretched
Shiny. No feeling of tightness. Needs blotting.
Some Dry patches, some Oily patches. Or, moisture balanced.
Barely, if at all, visible. Blackheads rarely present, and are inconspicuous.
Visible. Blackheads are common and visible.
Slightly visible. Blackheads sometimes visible.
Rare. Usually small.
Common. May be inflamed or widespread. Note: If you have very large, inflamed cysts over a large area, consult a dermatologist before using any topically applied products.
Occasional. May be limited to specific areas or widespread. Varied sizes.
Frequent. Redness, Itching, Stinging, Flaking, White Marks or Overall Discomfort.
Redness, reddish spots or hypersensitivity.