About Skintelligencenter
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Everything you ever wanted to know about skin…and then some!
That pretty much says it all. Skintelligencenter is a resource site filled with articles, tips and replies to frequently asked questions about skin, its health, skin concerns and diseases, products used in its upkeep and therapy, VMV HYPOALLERGENICS® and its products, and some important bits of knowledge about the science that studies it and the physicians who care for it.
A little history
In 1979, our founding dermatologist-dermatopathologist found herself faced with an increasing number of patients with contact dermatitis, atopic dermatitis, contact acne and skin diseases that seemed to be exacerbated by allergens and irritants commonly found in cosmetics. At that time, cosmetics were commonly dismissed by dermatologists as purely esthetic distractions—not meriting much serious attention. This has changed, of course. Not only to doctors recognize the importance of cosmetics—their ubiquitousness but also their dangers and potential benefits—but there are entire organizations devoted to contact dermatitis, allergens, and related concerns. As well, the public at large has become far more interested in and knowledgeable about skin and the products used on it.

Back in the 70s, our founding physician decided to make the study of allergens, cosmetics and contact dermatitis one of her specialties. This lead to the creation of a skin care brand devoted to turning this research into actual products that her then-desperate patients could use. The main marketing thrust of the brand was education: the logic being that the more people understood how cosmetics work and how the skin behaves, the better armed they are to make choices more appropriate to their specific needs.
Over the years, this brand (VMV HYPOALLERGENICS®) has grown from serving the most allergic and acne-prone people to patients with medically-managed skin diseases; women and men looking for safe effective products, and even babies and whole families. Its offerings include skin care, active treatments, sun care, hair , body and bath care, makeup and even seemingly odd offerings like a laundry soap (for contact clothing dermatitis). It has unceasingly marketed its products through education, always assuming a knowledge-hungry (skinformation-hungry, really) customer.
This assumption of the “skintellectual” customer lead to a quickly ballooning database of articles, tips and help replies that VMV eventually turned into an online resource. Today, Skintelligencenter contains hundreds of articles (original content by our editorial team and medically vetted or written by physicians) and information that can be accessed for free by the skinquisitive public at large.
Editorial and Funding is primarily funded and maintained by VMV HYPOALLERGENICS® through VMV Limited and VMV USA, Ltd. VMV is committed to providing objective, balanced and medically-vetted information. With few, rare exceptions, our content is all originally generated by our editorial team at VMV HYPOALLERGENICS® or by our founding dermatologist-dermatopathologist as well as other qualified physicians and educators who may submit articles to us. Reviews and fact checking are done with our chemists and pharmacists as well as physicians at the VMV Skin Research Centre + Clinics.
We occasionally include links to or mention other resources that we at VMV and Skintelligencenter feel can provide additional help and guidance to those looking for legitimate, objective, and researched answers to their skin and health-related questions. Unless otherwise clearly stated, they do not imply any affiliation between VMV HYPOALLERGENICS®,, VMV Limited, VMV USA, Ltd. and all affiliates, and any listed resource unless a particular affiliation is expressly communicated. The resources shown here are ‘as is’ with no warranties and confer no rights. The opinions expressed on listed resources are their own and do not necessarily represent those of VMV, Skintelligencenter, or its affiliates. Unless otherwise clearly stated, such mentions are not to be considered endorsements by or of VMV HYPOALLERGENICS®
We make every effort to ensure that all information is regularly updated, reviewed and, when needed, corrected in as timely a manner as possible. VMV HYPOALLERGENICS® is committed to not influencing the accuracy of editorial content. Still, we adhere to a strict policy of ensuring that you know that this site is maintained by VMV HYPOALLERGENICS® , which is why you see underneath the VMV HYPOALLERGENICS® website headers at all times.
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