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Mythfoliation – About and Why
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Why “Mythfoliate”? In 1709, Alexander Pope wrote “a little learning is a dangerous thing.” With the sometimes jaw-dropping promises made by many cosmetics, and the sometimes panic-inducing “news” about ingredients thought to be dangerous, its tempting to latch onto the bits of data that are the most exciting or controversial—those that are dramatic enough so to pop out of the flotsam.

This “little learning” can lead to hundreds (sometimes thousands) of dollars spent on various ineffective or harmful concoctions, or, on the other hand, years of avoiding products that might actually be beneficial.

Founded as a research-based brand in 1979, all VMV HYPOALLERGENICS® claims are supported by clinical studies, including randomized, double-blind, evidence-based studies (the most respected protocol). Many of our studies are so good (over 75 of them) that they’ve been published in medical journals and presented (even awarded) at dermatological conferences around the world. And we use ingredients with published studies and relevant, replicated, solid clinical research behind them. Were anything but “a little learning,” in other words. And our typical customer shares our desire to learn the most about what goes on our skins.

It is for them—the skintellectuals—as well as for cosmetic naifs (still seeking to be “skinformed”, if you will) that we began a thorough “mythfoliation” in our InSKIN magazine’s annual skintelligence issue.

Each mythfoliation session delivers a meticulous “buzz peel”—vetted with medical and health professionals as well as with legitimate medical, scientific and regulatory sources—to reduce fine fibs and whoppers, and deep-clean bewilder buildup. It covers the ABCs of your FAQs. From allergies to aging, dyes to gluten, hydroquinone to regimens, and steroids to zits, each year’s class”groom” covers an alphabet’s worth of complexion conundrums. If you’re finding yourself in the wide blue “wonder” follow our mythfoliation sessions at and in each annual skintelligence issue—sure to take you from abyss to “ah, bliss!” in glow time.

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