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Summer: Why am I so “Heat”chy!
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Why am I itchier when it's hot out?

Itching can be as common a bother in summer as bugs. Heat causes dryness, and micro-organisms — which flourish in the heat — love entering breaks in dry skin. When they do, scratching can lead to more fissures and an itchy cycle begins.

Why else? Heat and light can stimulate allergens like fragrance to act more powerfully, so even small doses that might normally be better tolerated in cooler weather can quickly cause itching rashes or darkening.

Plus, heat can make sensitivities more pronounced — it’s why rashes tend to redden and itch more when it’s hot. It’s also why avoiding well- known triggers like dyes, preservatives and fragrances is especially important in the summer, even in your laundry detergent. When summer temperatures + excessive sweating combine, allergens in some detergents can leach out onto the skin … and then it’s scratch central.