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Patch Test: What Is CAMP?
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CAMP stands for Contact Allergen Management Program. CAMP is a service that member dermatologists of the American Contact Dermatitis Society (ACDS) can use to generate a list of products without your allergens and cross-reacting chemicals.It all starts with a patch test. There are many, many allergens and you may be sensitive only to several or only a few. A patch test is the best way to determine which allergens in particular you need to avoid.Previously, after a patch test, you would receive a list of the allergens you need to avoid. But memorizing even a few allergen names can be difficult.

Another complication is that some ingredients have synonyms or cross react (have a similar chemical composition to) other ingredients. So even if you didn’t see your allergen in a product’s ingredients list, it could still be present under a different name or you might not recognize a cross reactor that you need to avoid.

How Does CAMP Work?

After a patch test, your dermatologist enters your results into CAMP which has information on thousands of products.

CAMP then generates a printable list of products without your allergens, even taking into account cross-reacting chemicals and synonyms.

That’s how simple it is.

You get a list with the names—not chemical gobbledygook—of products that you can use. No more trying (and crying over) product after product (after product after product!). You save on costly trial and error and decrease the risk of reactions.

CAMP is a benefit exclusive to dermatologists who are members of the American Contact Dermatitis Society. Ask your dermatologist to visit for more information.

VMV HYPOALLERGENICS® is proud of its inclusion as a safe product alternative in CAMP.