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What Skincare and Cosmetics Can I Use if I’m Undergoing Chemotherapy?
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What skincare would you recommend to someone undergoing chemotherapy?

Each cancer and each treatment is different for each patient. But there are some best practices recommended for the
skins of most patients undergoing chemotherapy.

In General…

Products without tar, dyes and parabens.

Many chemotherapy drugs make the skin more photosensitive to the sun and even to indoor lights. Daily protection is important both indoors and outdoors. Because patients’ skins can become very sensitive, choose physical (inorganic) sunscreens — zinc oxide and titanium dioxide — over chemical (organic sunscreens). Armada Baby 50+ and Armada Post-Procedure 50+  double as physical barriers against contaminants and irritants.
Dryness & Infection…

Very dry skin can be common to chemotherapy patients.  Virgin coconut oil (VCO) is an excellent choice because its fatty acids are native to skin (VCO replaces lost lipids while preventing water loss and providing vital barrier repair). Another concern is immunosuppression. VCO’s natural antimicrobial properties can help prevent infection. A further risk for patients lying down or sitting for extended periods: bed ulcers which can lead to serious complications. Regular gentle massages with VCO provide soothing, deep moisturization, help with circulation and prevent and treat bed ulcers.
Hair, Gums, Cleansing…

That tar, paraben and dye-free thing? That goes for everything: shampoo, conditioner,cleanser, body wash , makeup…everything. Avoid other allergens which can irritate and further dry the skin. Fragrances and flavors can be an additional discomfort if they trigger nausea, another possible side effect of chemotherapy. Look for non-allergenic antimicrobial action, too. Coconut-derived monolaurin in a toothpaste provides gentle antiseptic action that can be beneficial to those who are immuno-suppressed and develop mouth sores and gum bleeding.