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Help: How do I get help from VMV?
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How do I get help from VMV?
Every day, we receive “skinquiries” from people around the world who need help. Many are questions about product selection. Roughly half require further investigation by our support team of trainers, formulators and senior management such as our CEO who answers over 70% of the requests for support that we receive. About a third of these cases need additional expertise from our resource physicians, including our founding dermatologist-dermatopathologist.
In addition to our free treasure trove of useful articles at, we help by consistently providing detailed information in all our brochures, product copy and InSKIN. We’ve been told to provide less information or “dumb down” our language because this supposedly appeals to more “average” customers. But the average customer’s not all that uninformed anymore. Plus, most of our customers are either already incredibly well informed, desperate, regularly managed by dermatologists, or have no tolerance for treatments that do not deliver (not infrequently, it’s all of the above) … which means that our average customer skews the “belle” curve up, too. Finally, “smart” and ethics” are two of our core values, so if we didn’t communicate comprehensively and accurately, we’d be tarred and feathered. In truth, at this point we can’t help ourselves.
How else do we provide help? If there’s one thing that Facebook and Twitter make clear, it’s that people appreciate learning from others with similar experiences. In addition to practical tips, some of our most desperate clients have come to feel less alone and have learned that their condition may not be as hopeless as it seems. Find us on or

And any time you need us, submit an Ask VMV support ticket or visit a VMV counter or Skin-Specialist Boutique near you for personalized care.