Skin Health, Sun Protection/Damage
Sun Safety: Protection Selection
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With everything from fine lines, wrinkles, larger pores, dark spots, inflammation, immunosuppression, and skin cancer being linked to unprotected sun and light exposure, why take your chances when it comes to sunscreen? If all the information has you a little “skintimidated” look for just two crucial things.

First, proof.

Skin cancer is no laughing matter. Do not take values lightly; do aim high.

Second, skin safety and comfort.

One of the best ways to help you be good about using sunscreen every day is to choose a sunscreen that feels good to use: no discomfort, rashes, melasma or breakouts. You can even find options that provide multiple benefits to your skin. Looking young + improving skin health + preventing cancer = the ultimate skin win-win.
  • Published, Presented Awarded: One clinical study presented at a medical convention is impressive — and having it published in a scientific journal is holy grail material. Armada has not one, not two, but multiple clinical studies published and presented in dermatology journals and conventions — with one on visible light and melasma even awarded at the World Congress of Dermatology.
  • Still The Only Sun & Light Screen In The World, tested specifically for outdoor and indoor UVA, UVB, Visible + Infrared Light.
  • Some of the Highest Protection Factors
  • Validated Hypoallergenic. Armada products contain zero or the least number of allergens to keep skin safe and comfortable, even with daily prolonged use and repeat applications.
  • Bump-Free. All Armada formulations are not only proven to be non-comedogenic, they contain monolaurin for active anti-acne therapy.
  • Great Feel. If it doesn’t feel good, would you use it every day? We thought not. Fans of Armada love its “skincredible”, non-greasy, ultra-light feel.
  • Skin-Enhancing. With anti-acne monolaurin, moisturizing monoglycerides plus reparative + protective antioxidants, Armada is excellent for your skin.
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