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Sun+Light Skintelligence: Can Sunscreen Cause Bumps/Acne?
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Why are sunscreens such a bumpy issue? Quite a few sunscreens cause acne because they contain comedogenic ingredients (certain waxes, oils, emulsifiers). Others have actives with large molecules that clog the follicle pores. This is why it’s so important to read the product’s literature and use non-comedogenic formulations.

Other sunscreens have active ingredients that can cause transient acne-like lesions. When these ingredients react with UV light, a chemical reaction occurs that makes the skin feel warm. This causes the pores to perspire more (which is compounded by the increased sweating from being outdoors). Together, these factors can result in pore occlusion or clogging and then a miliaria or heat bubbles that can look like acne—tiny, uniform-sized bumps that are itchy. Solution: stay cool and use products with inorganic (physical) sunscreen actives. Unless they are nano-sized, physical sunscreens function merely as a physical barrier.

All Armada Sun + Light Screens are non-comedogenic. And if you think you’re prone to the acne-like lesions, try Armada Baby 50+ or Armada Post-Procedure Barrier Cream 50+ physical sunscreens. Their active ingredients are neither too big (which can clog the follicle) nor nano-sized (which can react with UV light to cause the skin-warming sensation)