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Sun and Light Protection: Why Try Armada Versus Other Sunscreens
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I’ve heard so many things about the “best” sunscreens, that Mexoryl and Helioplex are fantastic protectors, etc. Why should I use Armada?

If you’re happy with your product, you shouldn’t switch. It is our policy at VMVHYPOALLERGENICS® not to discourage people from using their favorite products. While we are committed to not using allergens or comedogens in our formulations, and while our products have many other wonderful characteristics, we are all individuals and you may have found the perfect match for you.

We will say that our Armada products are very well tolerated by even highly allergic people. Armada is still the only sun and light screen with measured protection factors against both outdoor and indoor UVA, UVB, Infrared, and Visible Light. Some sensitivities and acne or acne form reactions have been reported to other sunscreens. But again, if you can tolerate your sunscreen and are happy with its performance, by all means, stick to it!

Give Armada a try if:
- You’ve developed sensitivity to other sunscreens; and then we suggest trying our Armada Baby 50+ or Armada Post-Procedure Barrier Cream 50+ first, as they are purely physical (also called inorganic) protectors.

- You’re not happy with your current protector

- You’d like protection from indoor light (to prevent dark spots, melasma, other hyperpigmentations) as well s outdoor light rays

- You’d like to lighten existing dark spots (while best when used in conjunction with an active hyperpigmentation therapy like Illuminants+, even when used every day, both indoors and outdoors, Armada has been shown to already allow hyperpigmented skin to lighten on its own.

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