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Summer Skin: Breakouts, Bronzing, Dryness + Protection
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Summer Skin Woes Be Gone

Breakouts, Bronzing, Dryness + Protection

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Alex’s skin contends with lots of activity in extreme heat. She’s a big fan of several VMV products (“I never have to worry about them breaking me out even with the humidity!”) but her summer go-to? Id Monolaurin Gel: “It instantly cools my skin and zaps spots before they can think of happening!”
Safe Bronze, Sensitive Skin
Joining VMV convinced her to give up tanning, but Marie-Julie still can’t stand being pale, particularly in the summer. “I’ve never really finished a makeup product but now I’m seeing the bottom of the pan of my Tarte-à-Tan!” she shares. It’s not just the natural glow she likes but the fact that it has soothing, hydrating virgin coconut oil and antioxidants, both of which are big pluses for her extra-sensitive, allergy-prone skin.
Bumps + Dryness
A busy sophomore in high school, Mireya says, “I like my regimen because I don’t need to be an expert in skin: it just does what has to be done.” She’s referring to her Hydra Balance SuperSkin Care which smartly treats acne where it’s an issue and hydrates her skin’s drier areas.
Robust Protection
Lexi’s in full makeup under powerful lights every day. She’s also a mom on hyper-drive, toting toddler and baby to and from school and a dizzying array of activities, including weekends at the beach. “I need a sunscreen that can block out both the TV lights and the sun—one tube that I can toss in my diaper bag, purse or pocket without even thinking of it. And with so much makeup on all the time, I need something really gentle that won’t stress my skin even more!” Enter Armada Face Cover 30. “Light, safe, powerful.” Perfect!