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Sport-Related Skin Concerns: Real Solutions
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It isn’t just about what goes on skin — it’s also what goes on inside your body. A nutritious diet and regular exercise influence your skin’s clarity, youthfulness and health in no small way. But for many, issues like sweat acne, sun exposure, skin diseases and dryness are hurdles to exercise. They shouldn’t be: your skin care + sport can work together. We asked some VMV faces — real VMV users who are also family, friends and colleagues — for their active skin essentials.

COMBINATION SKIN: Acne, Dryness, Sweating
Favorites: Armada: Face Cover 30 and Armada Lip Balm because “I need lots of daily protection and they don’t break me out.”

For the rogue summer bump, Kristen keeps Id Monolaurin Gel handy.

She also recommends Essence Skin-Saving Antiperspirant: “Amazing! It lasts and doesn’t smell or cake! An excellent choice for any activity in the summer!”

FAIR, DRY SKIN: Powerful Sun Protection, Moisture
Luis, Chef
Runs Outdoors, Loves The Beach

“I use two Armada sunscreens regularly,” says Luis. “Armada Sport 70 when I run because I’m fair and want maximum protection against burning. I use Armada: Face Cover 30 a lot, too, not only as protection for less sunny conditions but also as a moisturizer. I’ve noticed my skin has gotten drier over time so I really need the moisturizing.”


Mireya, Teenager
Highly Active

“I’m up and about a lot,” says Mireya. The one constant? Her Hydra Balance SuperSkin Care regimen for combination skin — but in the summer, she switches her toner to Superskin 3 for oily skin. She doesn’t leave home without Red Better Spot Corrector for zit emergencies and Armada 45 “so no matter where I end up on a fun, sunny day, I’m prepared!”

PROBLEM, SENSITIVE, AT-RISK SKIN: Rosacea, Seborrheic Dermatitis, Skin Cancer Risk
<em “>JP, VMV COO
Futbol, Golf, Tennis

Because of his skin history and risk profile, JP avoids the sun as much as possible and “bathes in” Armada Sport 70. Rosacea can worsen when it’s hot, so he’s religious about his Red Better regimen. And JP’s a Boo-Boo Balm fan for rashes, blisters and scrapes. “It’s funny hearing ‘Boo-Boo Balm’ passed around at rough games, but the guys don’t care because it works!”

DRY SKIN: Occasional Acne, Light Moisture
Marie, Executive

Armada: Face Cover 30 is the perfect summer moisturizer — it’s light but has great protection.” She also recommends Id Monolaurin Gel: “dry skin can get acne, too, especially when it’s really hot out!”


OILY SKIN: Acne, Powerful Sun Protection
Alex, Diving Instructor

Alex prefers Armada Post-Procedure Barrier Cream 50+: “Great coverage against strong tropical sun, makes the complexion glow, doesn’t make my skin sticky or oily, great pimple cure and prevention. The best.” What does she change in the summer? “Nothing! After trying tons of products VMV is my dream solution :)”

COMBINATION SKIN: Extreme Outdoor Sport
Doo, Entrepreneur

Skin that is regularly exposed to lots of heat and sweat benefits from a regular regimen. Doo’s: SuperSkin Hydra Balance Cleansing Scrub at every shower “keeps pores clean but gentle enough for frequent showering…which happens in summer training”, Superskin 2 Toner and Hydra Balance Smart Moisturizer. Doo also likes “Id Monolaurin Gel to cool down and prevent sweat acne on the body,” and recommends Armada Sport 70 for outdoor sports under the sun.

The right prevention, treatment and facial regimen can keep your skin clear as you take care of your health. So get active! It’s great for your body and your skin.