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Skin: What Is Skin Type?
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Skin type is a simple way to categorize how your skin tends to behave. While only your dermatologist can give you a “skin-depth” analysis of your skin and any conditions that might need to be managed, knowing your skin type can help you select products that could match your skin’s particular needs.

We have prepared some short questions that can help you determine your skin type, understand your skin a little better, start a daily regimen for its health and to help you achieve your skin goals. To learn your skin type, click here.

In addition to your skin type, answering more comprehensive questions about your skin’s history, your concerns and goals can help us create a more detailed Skinvestment Plan for you. To get started with a Skinvestment Plan click here.

Note that your skin’s behavior and condition can change with the seasons, with hormonal changes, when taking certain medications, or from stress, aging, diet and other factors. If you notice certain changes, we recommend seeing your dermatologist right away. While probably nothing, or normal changes that occur from external factors, the skin is a remarkably effective and arguably the most immediate, most visible monitoring system we have for the state of our internal systems.

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