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Shaving Bumps: Pseudofolliculitis
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Are shaving bumps acne?

Not necessarily. You might have clogged pores, too, but true shaving bumps are actually “ingrown” hairs: coarse or curly hairs that loop under and grow back upwards to the skin’s surface.

This is called a pseudofolliculitispseudo because it is not a true inflammation from bacteria or fungi. It may mimic such conditions and inflammation may also occur, but the cause is physical, not fungal or bacterial.

If you have shaving bumps — raised, uniform bumps, usually on the jawline and neck, and normally without visible infected matter (pus) — you could try:

  • A non-pore-clogging shaving regimen like 1635 Gentle Men’s Therapeutic Shaving to rule out folliculitis.
  • If your dermatologist diagnoses your bumps as pseudofolliculitis, you could opt to not shave — ask your doctor about laser hair removal, for example.
  • Id Monolaurin Gel, an anti-inflammatory, can also help keep inflammation at bay.

As with most skin concerns (for most things health-related, for that matter), an accurate diagnosis is fundamental to achieving clarity. See a properly boarded dermatologist.