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Combining Actives/Using Products From Different Systems
Combining actives
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We regularly receive questions from people asking if they can use a toner from one system, but a cream and possibly a cleanser from another. This guide helps you get the most out of multiple active ingredients in a regimen customized to target your different skin concerns.I’d like to use Re-Everything and Id, or Id and Illuminants+, or Superskin and Re-Everything together…Can I?

Absolutely! In fact, using different treatment products correctly can give you the combined benefits of the active ingredients. However, it is CRUCIAL that you be extra conscientious about combining your therapies slowly and carefully.
Specific combined regimen instructions appear below. But first, here are some general guidelines to follow when combining therapies:
  • Be committed to using only a pH-adjusted cleanser from Re-EverythingIlluminants+, or Id. These cleansers are pH-adjusted to keep skin within one consistent pH range while undergoing active therapies. As you will be combining actives, it is even more important to use a pH-lowered cleanser to reduce the risk of irritations that can come when skin has to jump from a low pH (with active treatment products) to a high pH (from a soap, or mid-to-high pH cleanser).
  • GO SLOW. All active treatment products should be applied slowly, only about once or twice a week at first. As you combine actives, you need to increase application frequency of all your products even more slowly to allow your skin time to adjust.
  • Protect: most active ingredients can increase photosensitivity. It is very important that you use Armada every day, both indoors and outdoors, and whether or not you’ve used any active treatment on a given day. As well, this daily, year-round of use of Armada helps prevent repigmentation if you’re using a lightening therapy.
  • Practice prevention: Clinically-proven active ingredients can provide effective therapy. But if you use other products (makeup, lotions, shampoos, soaps, etc.) with allergens or comedogens, you could be working against your therapy (causing the problem you’re actively treating). As well, you could be increasing the risk of irritations and cross reactions which, should a reaction occur, will require a cessation of your therapy until it clears.
  • Be watchful: Even with proper use and prevention, combined therapy may not be for you. A mild stinging or redness at the beginning of therapy is normal. For Id, an initial acne breakout is normal for some first-time users (your pores are getting deep cleaned at Id’s level for the first time). These normal initial reactions should disappear with regular, correct use and proper prevention. If the redness or stinging is severe, or you notice other adverse reactions, stop use immediately and contact your physician.
Combining Regimens: Option 1:
  • Cleanse with your choice of Re-Eveything Cleanser, Illuminants+ Cleanser or Id Cleanser.
  • Apply the active Toner from one system.
  • Apply the active Cream or Lotion from another system.
  • Protect with Armada every day, both indoors and outdoors, and whether or not your active products have been applied on a given day.
  • TIP: Pick up any VMV regimen from our many brochures or click here to download a regimen for one system. Use it as a guide: simply replace the Toner or Cream/Lotion/Formula in that regimen with the equivalent product from your other system.
Combining Regimens: Option 2:
  • Cleanse with your choice of Re-Eveything CleanserIlluminants+ Cleanser or Id Cleanser.
  • Apply the active Toner from one system (let’s call it Toner A). Start only once-a-week, very slowly increasing to twice-a-week, then once-every-other-day, etc. Continue until you can tolerate Toner A once or twice-a-day (no earlier than week 8 of therapy).
  • When you are comfortably using Toner A twice a day, start applying your second Toner (let’s call it Toner B). In the beginning, apply Toner B after Toner A only once a week. Very slowly increase so that you apply Toner B after Toner A twice a week; then three times a week; then once every other day. Go very slow until you can comfortably use Toner A then Toner B every day (no earlier than week 8 of therapy with Toner B).
  • Follow the same procedure with Creams A and B. Do not start Cream B until you are comfortably applying Cream A every day (again this should not be earlier than week 8 of therapy). And then, start using Cream B only once a week, following the slow increase in frequency mentioned above.
  • Protect with Armada every day, both indoors and outdoors, and whether or not your active products have been applied on a given day.

For best results, combine your daily regimen with regularly-scheduled Vx Facials and Skin Services, plus proper prevention.

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