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Sun and Light Skintelligence: Do I Really Need a High SPF?
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Do the high numbers really matter?  need a high SPF?SKIN SHORT: Yes. And a high PFA, too.

MORE SKINFO: SPF 15 already protects against 94% of the sun (SPF 30 up to 97%). But protection factors are based on testing done with roughly a shot glass of sunscreen applied on exposed skin. With improper application (more common in real life), you’re getting less of an SPF (studies have shown as low as half the claimed value and even less). A lot gets rubbed off, too. This is one of the main reasons we offer higher SPFs and PFAs (protection factor against UVA) at VMV: risk management. This helps ensure that you’re getting adequate protection even if your application isn’t perfect.Click here for more on sun and light protection.