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Sun and Light Skintelligence: Are Sunscreens With Nano-particles Safe?
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Nano Nano. I keep hearing about nano-particles. Are they safe?

SKIN SHORT: The jury is still out on these minuscule ingredients but we remain wary.

MORE SKINFO: Initial studies on sunscreens show that nano-sized actives do not seem to pose a danger. But at VMV HYPOALLERGENICS®, for the moment, we do not use nano-particles because there aren't enough conclusive studies proving their safety in skin care products.

Why do they seem exciting? Their molecular size may help with a more elegant cosmetic feel. Some skin care ingredients, especially those in sunscreens, tend to feel heavier. Ingredients with smaller molecular sizes can feel much lighter and nicer on the skin. For other products, there is talk about the potential for these minuscule molecules being able to penetrate deeper into the skin and possibly deliver more effective results.

The potential seems compelling. However, there are concerns about just how deep these tiny molecules go and how the body might process them (or be unable to process them) or react to them. Until we're sure about their level of absorption and how the body might process these ingredients, we are refraining from their use.

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