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Mythfoliation – Small Fish, Big Rewards
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Beauty Food
Great for skin, brain, heart and body: small, oily fish like sardines!
They’re among the world’s healthiest foods

One of the most concentrated sources of  omega-3s , just a 4-ounce serving gives you about 1.4 grams of this incredibly healthy oil — almost the total daily recommended intake for men (1.6 grams) and above it for women (1.1 grams).

Sardines are also loaded with anti-inflammatories and are excellent sources of vitamin B12, vitamin D, calcium and more good things! Just 2-3 small fish have about 7 grams of protein (almost like a steak, if you can believe it). They tend to have virtually no mercury and less toxins in general, too.

Choose those bottled in virgin olive oil instead of corn oil. Ideally, the ingredients should read: sardines, olive oil. Period.

If you have halogen acne around the mouth or on the chin or jaw, bottled may have less iodides and sodium, too.

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