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Mythfoliation: Are Spa Treatments Skin Friendly?
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Not all spa treatments are skin friendly. Even the most relaxing spa session can be undone by negative skin reactions later.

Spa treatments can be invigorating. However, some spas use heavy, pore-clogging oils or heavily-scented, allergenic lotions in their massages, body scrubs, and other services. To avoid allergy flare-ups or body acne after a great day at the spa, try these simple tricks:

  • Ask your spa attendant to substitute their massage oils and scrubs with your hypoallergenic skin care products.
  • Ask your attendant to keep scented candles or oils burning to get some of the aromatherapy that their unguents and scrubs may impart without them being applied directly on the skin.
  • Many upscale resorts offer beach-side massages. Instead of using the resort’s oils or lotions, bring along products that you need applied anyway for them to use like your Armada Sun and Light Screen or Know-It-Oil USDA-certified, clinically-validated virgin coconut-oil. Besides a heavenly massage, you get a thorough head-to-toe skin protective or enhancing application, without lifting a finger. Plus, the friction and heat from the massage strokes ensure excellent absorption.
  • If you suffer from body acne or rough skin, ask your therapist to use your Id Anti-Acne, Anti-Aging Face, Chest, Back and Body Lotion or Grandma Minnie’s Oil’s Well Nurturing Do-It-Oil in lieu of their regular massage oil. Instead of a break-out, you’ll have your anti-acne/anti-aging therapy massaged even deeper than normal into your skin, actually enhancing your therapy.
  • Our Re-Everything Face-Hand-Body Lotion or Illuminants+ Face-Hand-Body Lotion are also great alternative humectants to substitute for oils in a skin-softening massage that prevents the risk of adverse reactions and furthers your active therapies along.
  • For body soaks, you might be able to substitute your Essence Skin-Saving Superwash Hair and Body Milk Shampoo or Essence Skin-Saving Hair and Body Milk Conditioner for what the spa normally uses. Your attendant can mix them into a warm bath for a deeply hydrating soak.
  • Body scrubs can cause less problems they’re washed off right away. However, if you tend to get acne or allergies, the longer these scrubs stay on the skin, the more you risk acne break-outs or rash flare-ups. Ask your spa attendant to use any VMV cleansers or soaps with skin-safe scrubs (such as those in our SuperSkin Care, Re-Everything, Id or Illuminants+ lines.

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