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Men’s Skintelligence: How Dudes “Dew” It
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It’s about what your skin needs, period. Mapping your way from “men’s” care to skin care. Men’s skin care is a little specious. Think about the many health care products that don’t “gender-ize”. If you had a cough you’d reach for a cough syrup, not men’s cough syrup. Prescription skin drugs like imiquimod for warts, infliximab for psoriasis or isotretinoin for acne don’t come in men’s and women’s formulas. There aren’t male or female lasers, injectables, patch tests, biopsies or peels either. Ingredients are similarly gender blind: glycolic acid, sunscreen chemicals, humectants — none of them come in guy and girl versions.

To navigate skin care so you get what you really need, take a machete to all the gender renderings and “differentiating” packaging. Look for products that address your skin concerns, period.

While there are conditions that afflict only men such as diseases of the genitals (obviously) or facial shaving woes, a good acne treatment should work on your acne and your sister’s (unless hers is from a hormonal condition specific to women); a pigmentation toner should clear up your dark spots as well as your mom’s; an effective anti-aging cream should address your wrinkles as well as your wife’s (although if asked, remember she doesn’t have any and never will. Ever.).


Hey. “Dew”d.

Think riding killer waves or being a triathlete makes you skinvincible? Think again. More men are diagnosed with skin cancer than women, and skin cancer is the most common kind of cancer in men over 50 (even more than prostate, lung, and colon cancer). And it kills all races. While it’s more common among white men, it’s deadlier when diagnosed in African Americans, Asians, and Latinos. Man up and slather on the sunscreen.


When choosing skin care at VMV HYPOALLERGENICS®, ask yourself just 1 question: whaddaya need (or, if you don’t know, whaddaya want)?

Benefits broken down, by skin concern and by product line

You Need  No idea. Better skin all around, I guess.
You Want  Idiot Proof, no-thought simplicy to cover as many bases as possible.
Try  SuperSkin Care. Ask us which skin type or, if even that’s too much  work, grabe the Hydra Balance regimen for Combination Skin.
Why  Tackles almost everything needed for better skin: zits, moisture, lines, and? dark spots.
Maybe  Feeling adventurous? Add a stronger sunscreen like Armada Sport 70, particularly when outdoors.
You Need  Something for acne and bumps.
You Want  Get rid of them.
Try  Id. For face + body.
Why  More aggressive acne therapy.
Maybe Get a pore-cleaning facial once a month like our Vx Id Blemish Buster.
You Need  Less wrinkles—people starting to ask about my daughter, while looking at my wife
You Want  Get rid of them.
Try  Re-Everything and an Armada sunscreen.
Why  Works. Doesn’t look “girly”.
Maybe  Try a procedure like Refirme or a laser like Emax. Or a boosting anti-aging facial like our Vx Anti-Aging Cosmeceutical Facial.
You Need  Something for dull skin or dark spots.
You Want  Get rid of them.
Try  Illuminants+ and an Armada sunscreen.
Why  Same as above.
Maybe Try a laser session with the VBeam Perfecta or a brightening facial like our Vx Brightening Cosmeceutical Facial.
You Need  Something for very dry, sensitive, achy/flaky skin.
You Want  Skin to feel more comfortable, not so raw or tight.
Try  Moisture Rich SuperSkin Care for Dry Skin.
Why  Very soothing and gentle.
Try  When skin is really extra dry or you’ve got a burn or rash, slather on some Know-It-Oil or Boo-Boo Balm (works great on cuts & grazes, too).
You Need  Basic hygiene. Prevent the bad stuff.
Try  Hypoallergenic Body and Bath Products
Why Cleans, no perfume, prevents problems.

Bada bing, bada boom, done.

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