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Virgin Coconut Oil: “Skinside-Out” Health
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Virgin Coconut Oiil: "Skinside-Out" Health

More and more is being written about the numerous benefits of virgin coconut oil, from skin to hair, heart and body. In addition to being 1st-and-cold pressed (that means as fresh-from-the-tree, non-processed as possible — why our oil is so clear & aroma-free) VMV's  organic Know-It-Oil is far smarter than the average “care.”
An oil-out nerd.

There’s a lot of hype about fabulously healthy virgin coconut oil and Know-It Oil has the clinical studies to back it up — so good, they’ve been published in not one but a few dermatology journals and awarded at the World Congress of Dermatology.
One for the dresser and one for the … larder?

On and in. This food-grade, organic skinutraceutical is a true “oil”-rounder — as great for skin on the outside as for skin (and cells, and heart, and overall health) on the inside. So slather, drizzle and sauté your way to better skin and nutrition.

The Coconut: one big health nut. Its juice is a great electrolyte drink without the dyes and other additives of typical sports drinks. We derive monolaurin, a safe- yet-powerful antibiotic, antiviral, antifungal disinfectant from it (present in most VMV HYPOALLERGENCS® products). It’s rich in hormones and antioxidants. Its oil has natural antiviral properties and fatty acids native to skin, and is similar in chemical makeup to mother’s milk. Its clinical uses include the management of psoriasis, herpes and various types of dermatitis. It’s one of the healthiest fats around, being cholesterol- and trans fat-free, and able to balance cell membrane walls and prevent oxidation. And initial studies on its potential in HIV and cancer prevention are compelling. Prepped in the kitchen, dissected in the lab, smeared on skin, the humble coconut does a body good.


Oil in all: Our founding dermatologist- dermatopathologist regularly prescribes VCO to treat or support the therapy of various conditions including psoriasis, herpes, atopic dermatitis, aging, dryness, and bed sores. It’s a must as a highly inert, gentle cleanser for skin inflamed by a product or procedure reaction. It’s a great antiviral gargle for sore throats and mouth sores. It’s an ouchless antiviral-antibacterial wash for wounds and infected areas all over the body. And, with fatty acids native to skin, it’s one of the single best moisturizing ingredients around.
TIP! how to eat “skin”
We all know how good drinking lots of water is for our complexion, but how else can we eat “skin”?

1) Avoid inflammatory foods like chips, candy, and fruit drinks that you don’t squeeze fresh yourself;

2) Get complex: instead of simple white carbs, eat whole-grain pastas and breads, brown sugar and wild rice.

3) Get more omega 3 oils by eating fish like sardines and herring (also good because they’re small and don’t accumulate many toxins).

4) “Cocoisine”: Instead of canola or other vegetable oils, use virgin coconut oil for cooking and baking, or to drizzle on your salad.