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Oily Skin: Do I Need a Moisturizer?
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If I have Oily Skin, do I need a moisturizer?

Oily skin, like all skin, needs healthy hydration.

Even oily skin can get dry and uncomfortable:

  • In very cold, dry weather
  • When over-treated (by using too many treatments or using products with active ingredients incorrectly)
  • If irritated (by using products with irritants or allergens—dryness can be a form of contact dermatitis but is frequently mistakenly dismissed as “dry skin”)
Look for a moisturizer that will not clog pores or add shine. VMV HYPOALLERGENICS© SuperSkin Care Spring Fresh Oil-Free Nourisher for Oily Skin provides healthy hydration without pore-clogging grease.If you have very oily skin, an active treatment in cream or lotion form may provide you with adequate hydration while also providing anti-acne or other therapy. For example:

  • Id Anti-Acne Face, Chest, Back and Body Lotion is a very light moisturizer that provides active anti-acne therapy for face and body.
  • An Armada Sun + Light Screen provides full-spectrum sun and light protection that can help prevent and lighten acne scars, to keep pimples from becoming dark marks, and provide necessary protection for treated skin.
  • Illuminants+ Brightening Treatment Creams can provide enough hydration while also actively treating dark scars that can sometimes occur after pimples (post-inflammatory hyperpigmentation).

Both of these products can take the place of a moisturizer. While serving their primary treatment or protection function, they provide adequate non-pore-clogging hydration. And almost all our skin care contains coconut-derived monolaurin, a skin-safe yet powerful antibacterial and antifungal that can treat various forms of acne.

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