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Skin Care: His & Her
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His & Her Skin Care

Our customers are a persnickety bunch. Quite happily, so are we. Skinfatuated birds of a feather. For our clients, this obsessive attention to detail is often a matter of having been there and done that in the search for products that work. For us, it’s par for the course: what we call our skintegrity, which is what guides everything we do.

If, like the typical VMV HYPOALLERGENICS® user, you’ve read our labels closely, you may have noticed that most of our products can be used by both men and women. Why is this?

Our Skintegrity: we look at skin, not markets.

When we see you, we see skin — its safety, structure, needs — and only skin. Dermatological research shows that gender is not a primary determinant for skin health. As a matter of principle, we will not segregate products that work fantastically well for both men and women (even if this sometimes means a lost opportunity to sell more).

While some skin conditions can be more common to a particular group of people, skin health (diseases, problems, care) is quite similar for all skin. The only diseases that are exclusive to one gender or the other are those that exclusively affect the genitalia or pregnant women. Men and women of different races and ages can have drier or oilier skin; they can have acne; they can have rashes; and their skin ages in roughly the same way. This is why an effective therapy for one type of acne can be as effective on male skin as on female skin, on Asian skin as on African or Caucasian skin with the same type of acne. This is why you may have noticed that many prescription medications for skin, laser therapies and peels do not come in versions for men and women of different races.

This may surprise you, but skin is basically skin. All skin, across genders, races, and ages, may look different, but skin is fundamentally the same at the cellular level — when looked at under a microscope, skin cells are skin cells.

This is supported more and more by new research that proves, for example, that dark and light skin share much the same cellular make up; the difference is in how the cells behave (in this case the cells of darker skin produce more pigment).

This is why when we create a product, we do so as a solution to a real problem, not to find people to sell it to. Take our Essence Skin-Saving, Simple-Gentle Toothpaste. We made this flavor-dye-halogen-free toothpaste for peri-oral dermatitis (acne and rashes around the mouth and chin). As you might have guessed, there wasn’t a huge market for a toothpaste that tastes like nothing. But, dermatologists told us that their patients (male and female) were desperate: their only other option was baking soda! So we made a toothpaste, solved a problem, and made a few people a lot happy. They told others who then tried it for preventive care which made a lot of people a lot happy, and pushed this odd little duck of a product to our best-sellers list.

Organized by Need.

We promise that if a product is perfect for a skin condition (on men or women) we’ll tell you so instead of pouring it into different bottles and selling them to different people.

This is why we’re one of the few companies to organize our products by types of care or skin concerns, not by gender or body parts (if something’s good for both the face and body, we’ll tell you that, too).

So how do I care for my manly mug or feminine face?

Concentrate on what your skin needs, period — not on packaging or what looks more feminine or masculine.

Start with the basics: what’s my skin type? You can find out at then snap up the SuperSkin Care set for your Dry, Oily, or Combination Skin.

Ask yourself, what are my skin goals? Reducing wrinkles? Grab Re-Everything. Banishing bumps and acne all over? Introduce yourself to Id. Longing for lightening? Illuminate with Illuminants+. Need more help? Ask us to create a customized Skinvestment Plan just for you. Or, submit your patch test results to us via Ask VMV and we’ll send you a customized list of VMV products safe for you to use.

Make great skin, not war.

At least in the arena of skin care, you can bury the battle-of-the-sexes hatchet. When browsing for products, look beyond the gender jargon and focus on what the product does. You can then make the smartest selections: what you really need, what really works … you can even (gasp!) share a regimen with your roommate, sis, babe, or bro. What’s that? Great skin with less product? Efficiency, efficacy, honesty? Shocking.

And yet this is precisely why the skinfatuated tend to flock together: because goose or gander, the priority is healthy, great-looking skin. Everything else doesn’t mean squawk.