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Acne: Cleansing, Acne Surgery and Deep Cleaning Facials
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Questions from: why to cleanse every day, to is there such a thing as too much cleansing, can cleansers provide active therapy, is a toner necessary for cleansing, what’s acne surgery and what’s a deep cleaning?Proper daily cleansing removes accumulated dirt, grime, excess oils and other pore-cloggers. Among the things important to cleanse away on a daily basis are:
  • Keratin, the skins natural oils, drugs being excreted through sweat and follicular pores
  • Externally acquired dirt from exposure to indoor materials (sprays, fresheners) and exposure to outdoor materials (micro and macro particulates from the environment including plant products and atmospheric pollutants)
  • Externally acquired build-up from products (makeup, hair styling products, lotions, creams, even cleansers and shampoos that dont rinse off completely).

Is There Such A Thing as Too Much Cleansing?Yes. Especially for skin that tends to be on the dry side, skin that is allergy-prone, sunburned, irritated by products, or recovering from laser or light treatments or other clinical procedures. Even acne-prone skin can worsen with excessive cleansing, particularly if cleansed with allergenic, comedogenic or irritating ingredients, or with abrasive scrubs.Excessive cleansing can cause, rashes, redness, discolorations and even acne.Is a Toner Necessary for Cleansing?A toner completes the daily cleansing process: it “closes” the pores, helps the skin feel fresh, and removes grime and oil that may not have been reached by the cleanser.For best results, a toner that is appropriate for the skin type and that addresses particular needs is recommended.

Can My Cleanser Provide Active Therapy?

Generally speaking, no. Because most cleansers are washed off the skin immediately, they normally cannot deliver effective treatment—they do not stay long enough on the skin to allow actives to penetrate. Cleansers, specifically pH-adjusted cleansers, can provide important support during therapy to keep skin within one pH range which reduces the risk of irritation.

What is Deep Cleaning or Cleaning done during a Facial?

Deep cleanings and acne surgery are not normally performed during other facials, even clinically-valid ones like our Vx Facials + Skin Services.

As defined by dermatologists, a deep cleaning is a procedure performed more infrequently than your daily cleansing (biweekly, monthly, etc.) to more thoroughly remove dirt, build-up, and products, as well as whiteheads, blackheads, pustules and/or cysts.

Dermatologists also call this procedure acne surgery.

During this procedure, a dermatologist and/or a dermatologically-trained nurse, esthetician or other health professional (properly trained and licensed) uses special products, chemicals, and/or equipment to deep clean the skin.

As well, dermatologists and/or her/his assistant nurse can recognize and possibly remove other growths such as large cysts, milia and warts, which is why it is important that this procedure be done by a dermatologist in a clinical setting.

Other types of procedural cleansing remove the topmost layer of the skin which consists of keratin, some sebum, and pigment.

This is done by gadgets that provide a vacuum suction, by superficial peels like microdermabrasion, by deeper peels with stronger chemicals or deeper forms of microdermabrasives which are more carefully used by dermatologists.

Most dermatologists avoid procedures that use harsh scrubs because when done improperly, they can produce a rebound effect of thickening of the skin and producing more clogging of follicle pores.

Again, it is recommended that these procedures be done in a dermatologists office, by a dermatologist or a dermatologically-trained nurse or esthetician with the physicians supervision. We do not recommend getting these types of procedures done at a skin care center without an in-house dermatologist.

In all cases, remember to look for competence and proper licensing, board certification and training of staff, as well as sterility of the site and equipment.

How Often Should I Get a Deep Cleaning Procedure?

Frequency is usually need based and prescribed by your dermatologist. Some factors that are considered include:

  • How oily the skin is
  • How prone to developing whiteheads, blackheads, milia the skin is
  • How exposed the skin is to the elements
  • What kind of job, sports, activity, lifestyle, etc. contribute to the accumulation of “grime” and dirt
For oily, acne-prone or problematic skin: procedures as often as once-a-week may be done.Fairly normal skin can get these procedures about once a month for maintenance.For those that use a daily active treatment regimen (cleanse, tone, treat, nourish; with microdermabrasion), these procedures can be done as infrequently as once every three months. In these cases, a monthly Vx Facial or Skin Service is usually sufficient to achieve desired results. Click here for more on acne. Click here for more on cleansing and acne.