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Sun and Light Skintelligence (Staff Tip!): Protect From Glare
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Staff Picks & Tricks: GLARE CARE

When we’re in Maine, our late afternoon walk on Goose Rocks beach is a ritual. I used to think it was silly that my parents would take forever to get started because dad wanted to tan and mom wouldn’t budge until they were smothered in sunscreen. Once when I joined them, because I started later, I’d left the house without reapplying sunblock. I figured, the sun’s mostly down, so why bother? Why, I learned later, is because water glare (this goes for snow, too) is no joke. I came back red as a Maine lobster. And, I’m allergic to almost all pain killers so recovery was not fun! Lesson learned in the worst way. Even if it’s after 4 and the sun’s on its way down, I’m Armada-ed head to toe!

CC (I love living in the city but I miss the lobster!),
VMV Manager, Operations, New York City

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