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Acne: Back Acne (Bacne)
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Answer Back: Back (Bacne) Clarity
Regret looking back? What you need is a rearview “clearer!”
Bacne can be caused by comedogens in your shampoo, conditioner, and hair styling products trickling down onto your skin. Allergens in these products can also be at fault—while allergens don’t clog pores the way comedogens do, they can irritate pores; irritation can lead to infection; and infection to pimples. If your acne is primarily comedonal (more like “normal” zits), even simple prevention via our Essence Skin-Saving Hair and Body Shampoo and Conditioner can do the trick. If you’d like to add active therapy, try the complete Id Clarifying System which is made for face + body acne.Bacne can also be pityrosporum folliculitis (PF) or “sweat acne”. Acne antibacterials won’t work because the problem is caused by a fungus that feeds on sweat. Gross as it sounds, we all have this fungus naturally, and quite innocuously, in our skins. What makes it proliferate and clog pores? One of the main causes is excessive sweating, which is why PF usually occurs where we tend to sweat more, like the back, thighs and posterior. Id Monolaurin Gel is made specifically for this condition. Its coconut-derived monoalurin is an effective antifungal and antibiotic, and was proven in clinical studies to be as effective as leading treatments for PF. Plus, because it’s not a drug, you can use it more regularly which prevents recurrence. And because it’s cooling, it helps control sweating which further prevents recurrence.What else can you do? Set an appointment post-haste for our popular Answer Back! Vx Service. It’s our pore-purging Id Blemish Buster Facial—one of our absolute best-sellers in the acnemergency-ridden summer season—but done on the back. These services are a great way to get skin clear prior to starting your preventive and therapeutic steps. Schedule them regularly (ask us about our special multi-service packages) for best results. Call 212 217 2762 to book at our VMV Skin-Specialist Boutique in Manhattan, or visit our for other boutiques that offer Vx Facials & Services.Click here for more information on our Bacne skin service and other clinically-sound Vx Facials and Skin Services.Click here for more on body acne.Click here for more on acne.Click here for more on hypoallergenicity can help you prevent and clear acne.