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Acne: Should I Just Clean My Skin More To Get Rid Of It?
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While cleansing is important to prevent and help clear up acne, over-zealous cleansing and scrubbing can actually make acne worse.If you cleanse too often (more than 2 to 3 times a day), you may cause dryness or irritation. Irritations can lead to infection and acne.While drying out the skin might sound good to someone with very oily skin, it can work against you. If your skin becomes overly dry, it can get sensitive and prevent you from using the active treatments necessary for effectively treating acne.Scrubs can worsen acne, too. Some natural scrubs can be comedogenic if they are too abrasive. On the other hand, even mild scrubs can trigger acne if they are used too aggressively—too frequently or vigorously. Scrubbing lightly and no longer than 1 to 2 seconds at a time on a one area of the skin is enough to remove dirt. If you scrub too hard, too fast, or too often, further irritation can lead to your pores getting infected (specifically, this hastens the infection of the matter that gets clogged in the pore). And this can lead to more acne, or further inflaming the infection of existing acne.

If you use cleansers: make sure they do not contain comedogenic, allergenic or irritating ingredients, and that they wash off completely leaving no residue. If you use a comedogenic or residue-leaving cleanser, you can worsen your acne. Why? The more you cleanse, the more pore-cloggers may be left on your skin.

Try to avoid soaps for facial cleansing. Because of the how they are made, soaps inherently have high pH-levels. This alone can already dry out and irritate skin. Irritations can lead to the skin not tolerating anti-acne therapy or infections that can lead to acne.

Stick to proven non-comedogenic, hypoallergenic cream cleansers and gentle scrubs that rinse off completely and leave no residue. And go easy on the frequency, pressure, speed and intensity of the scrubbing.

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