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Acne: Do Not Pop Squeeze Scratch or Pick
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This is probably not the first time you’ve been told not to pop, squeeze, scratch or pick at zits, but its so important it merits repeating.Popping or squeezing pimples can result in infections or scarring.If you’d like to get a proper face cleaning, try a clinically-sound Vx Facial or Skin Service which were created by dermatologists using recommended procedures and products for comedone extraction.

For acne surgery—for larger or more inflamed cysts—see a dermatologist as this procedure should be done by a qualified physician.

NOTE: some skin centers or spas offer comedone extraction but remove the pimples with gloved hands. Proper comedone extraction must be done properly with a sterilized comedone extractor and appropriate dermatological training.

Scratching insect bites or rashes can lead to infections and post-inflammatory hyperpigmentations (PIH) or dark scars which are notoriously hard to treat.

Picking at scabs can also cause PIH and infections.

At the first sign of a pimple, insect bite, small wound, or minor rash, grab Id Sweat Acne and Overall Antibacterial Monolaurin Gel or Grandma Minnie’s The Big, Brave Boo-Boo Balm. Clinically-proven to be as effective as 70% isopropyl alcohol and broad-spectrum antibiotics, as well as anti-fungals and advanced acne therapy, but without the skin-irritating side-effects (in fact, they soothe and moisturize while providing anti-viral, antiseptic, antibacterial, anti-acne therapy). Apply as often as necessary to quickly bring down the swelling, itching, and inflammation of rashes, pimples or insect bites, while disinfecting and treating.

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