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About VMV: Product Care, How to Read Our Labels
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altAt VMV HYPOALLERGENICS® take great care when writing our product labels to give you as much information as possible. It may be wordy at times, but we’ve found that the majority of our customers—those who have suffered years of skin problems as well as those who are simply very well skinformed—the details are preferred and even necessary.

We encourage you to take the time to read through all our product labels before selecting or using any of our products.

More information can be found in our online product catalog or at, comprehensive, searchable resource center.

Other sources of skinformation:

– Visit our Customer Service

Product Care

Our labels provide detailed information about each VMV HYPOALLERGENICS® product and how to use it. Please take the time to read this information, and follow instructions carefully. If you have any questions, please ask us at Ask VMV.

General Best Practices for Product Care and Proper Usage:

  1. We omit allergens but you may be sensitive to an ingredient that is not an allergen. To be sure, especially if you have a history of skin sensitivity, try VMV Provisional Patch Test (for a few hours to 72 hours if you’rere very sensitive) before purchasing.
  2. When using multiple products, try them one at a time, with at least three (3) days in between.
  3. While it is our policy not to discourage people from using products that work for them, please keep in mind that the more products you use, especially if they come from different companies, the higher the risk of an unexpected cross reaction.
  4. When starting new products or if skin is irritated, a 7-Day Skin Fast might help.
  5. Note that if you are experiencing a flare-up, even plain water can sting. If you are currently experiencing a flare-up, avoid using any product on the skin and consult your dermatologist.
  6. Store products in a cool, dry place away from sunlight.
  7. Do not expose products to or store them in extreme temperatures or conditions.
  8. Do not introduce water, removed portions of product or other substances into container.
  9. Keep out of reach of children (products for children should be applied by adults).
  10. Unless otherwise clearly stated, our products are for external use only.
  11. If a product comes into contact with eyes, flush out with plenty of water.
  12. In the unlikely event of an adverse reaction, stop using the product immediately and consult a physician.
  13. For all things skin: consult your dermatologist.
  14. For all things baby: consult your pediatrician.
  15. For all things pregnancy: consult your OB-GYN (gynecologist).
  16. For products with active ingredients, it is very important to:
  • Increase application frequency very slowly. Start only 1x– to 2x-a-week at most. Very slowly, increase to 3x-a-week, then once-every-other-day, etc. until you achieve 1x– or 2x-a-day applications (no earlier than week 8 of therapy). See your product’s brochure or label for an Application Frequency Chart.
  • Use a pH-adjusted cleanser such as Re-Everything Cleansing Cream, Illuminants+ Cleansing Cream or Id Skin-Buffing Facial Cleanser.
  • Apply an indoor-outdoor sun + light screen like Armada every day, indoors and outdoors, and whether or not your active product has been applied on a given day.