Acne/Infection: I Have a Very Large/Painful Bump. What To Do?
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STAPH OR ZIT?Q: I have an unusually large/painful pimple. What to do?

A: See a doctor now.
It could be a pimple or cyst, but it could also be infected by staphylococcus aureous, a common but potentially nasty bacteria anyone can pick up. Left alone, the infection can run rabid and land you in the hospital on an IV drip of medications. And it is highly contagious—you can pass it on to partners, kids, friends, coworkers and more. And once it’s caught on, it can be hard to get rid of in a location (it can stay dormant in someone’s system).Caught in time, basic oral antibiotics can treat it fast.

General prevention tips:

  • Keep a bottle of a hand disinfectant like Grandma Minnie’s Kid Gloves Monolaurin Hand Sanitizer handy at home, in your bag, at work, etc. Use it often. It’s non-drying.
  • Don’t just slather Kid Gloves on your hands. Rub some into the nostrils—not  inside the nose but lining the inner edges of the nostril openings, which is where staph likes to “live”.
  • Keep your home clean and disinfect commonly touched surfaces frequently.

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