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Is it safe to assume that an allergy to a food could mean an allergic reaction in the skin, too? Frequently, yes. If you’re allergic to dyes, eating foods with artificial coloring can cause flare-ups. People allergic to mangoes can get rashes around the mouth after eating them. Those with severe peanut allergies are usually […]

I’ve heard that nothing can really be hypoallergenic. Is this true? It’s true that the term hypoallergenic can be used with little or zero basis, but it can also be used legitimately. By definition, hypoallergenic simply means “less likely to cause an allergic reaction”. The problem is that in some countries the term “hypoallergenic” is not well regulated […]

The Validated Hypoallergenic Rating System is like an “SPF” for Skin Safety.

VMV HYPOALLERGENICS® was the first brand to validate its hypoallergenicity with the VH-Rating System. For more about what it is, how it works and other information, read on. For more on the VH-Rating System’s validity as a method for supporting hypoallergenic claims, click here.

There are almost no reactions to pure coconut oil in medical literature…casual reports seem to be to contaminants in the processing of less pure oils, not to pure coconut oil.

A surprising amount of skin problems can be attributed to bar soap which, due to how it’s made, has a very high pH which can be denaturing to skin, contributing to barrier damage and dry skin.